iTunes Voucher and Gift Card Store

We have just launched a brand new store for South Africa! For some time now we have heard the many Apple device users of South Africa complain about the lack of access to the functionality and content provided by the US iTunes Store. There are resellers in South Africa that will sell you iTunes Gift Cards but these have always proved to be prohibitively expensive. We have decided to launch our very own iTunes Voucher store ( to help the situation! If you are an Apple user and are in need of iTunes credit, please try out our store. You won’t be disappointed. Please visit

How to consume an external RSS feed in your ASP.NET website using Visual Studio 2010

Our video tutorial on Youtube explaining how to make use of an external RSS feed in your own ASP.NET web application. RSS feeds are an an important part of your website design because they are one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep your content current. The tutorial is presented using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Continue reading

Introduction to CSS Website Design

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is modern way to use a website design to create a website layout and apply various styles to the website in conjunction with HTML code. CSS has been a standard in web design for some time and continues to grow as we can see with the new standards being developed in CSS3, the latest version of CSS. This means that it is worth getting to know and worth getting comfortable with using CSS in order to create attractive, accessible websites. Continue reading

Free SEO – market your website for free!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often seen to be a mythical practice with online marketing companies not always being transparent about how they intend to improve the rankings of a client’s website. The truth is that search engine optimization is not an overly complex field, it simply requires constant effort and the right starting point. This article attempts to demystify some of the things that SEO agencies do in order to improve the ranking of their clients’ websites by giving the reader a list of things that you can do yourself in order to improve your websites visibility on the Internet. Continue reading

How to get your own website

A website is essential in today’s environment with more and more people moving to the Internet to find products and services. Website design is the process of creating a website and making it available on the Internet. The basics steps required to create a website and have it available on the Internet are not obvious for the uninitiated and so this article outlines the main aspects of website design. Continue reading